French Institute of Insolvency Practitioners (IFPPC)


The French Institute of Insolvency Practitioners (IFPPC) is a professional trade union registered at the Paris Police Prefecture under number 86/79 and founded by statutes signed on 29 November 1985 (Articles L. 410-1 et seq. of the Labour Code).

The Institute consists of court-appointed administrators and court-appointed liquidators, their trainees and, as corresponding associates, persons whose profession or activity is particularly active or knowledgeable in dealing with enterprises in difficulty; almost 500 members.

As a professional trade union, the Institute focuses on the study and defence of the professional rights of its members and their material and moral interests, both collective and individual. It also proposes to its members: an additional professional training, an exercise of the judicial mandates guaranteed by a Code of ethics, the means of improving and unifying the professional practices, drafts relating to adequate legislative and regulatory reforms, in the aim of maintaining and strengthening the links of confraternity, and of improving the quality of the services provided.

Seat and Structure
The Institute is located in PARIS (2nd district), 4, rue de la Paix and holds its Presidency and permanent secretariat. Its administration is entrusted to a Board of 18 members composed of 7 elected for two years and 11 Presidents of Regional Sections. At the regional level, the Institute is indeed represented by Sections with decentralised management. In addition, Committees and Commissions share between themselves the work of the Institute.

For all members, relevant information is provided by the Liaison Quarterly Bulletin, in addition to newsletters covering the news of the profession, as well as by setting up professional training sessions. In addition, seminars are organised without counting the statutory annual general meeting which concludes with a full training session.
In addition, the IFPPC organises each year a Congress which, around a topic adapted to the news of which list hereafter, gathers its professional members and corresponding associates:
Its 11 Regional Sections organise autonomously meetings or symposia favouring more fruitful contacts with local realities; the work of the Regional Sections then serving as a basis for further consideration of actions of the Institute at the national level.
Currently, in conjunction with the Labour Ministry, the social partners and other trade union organisations, the Institute is drafting a collective agreement applicable to the offices of court-appointed administrators and court-appointed liquidators. This project should be completed by the end of 2007.

In order to promote the best possible dissemination of its opinions, thoughts and recommendations, the Institute regularly publishes the results of its work, via the following media:
Collection of diligences and recommendations (currently undergoing a gradual overhaul to adapt to the rules of the law of 26th July 2005): In 300 pages, this compendium proposes more than 600 recommendations to succeed the link between the theoretical knowledge of the treatment of enterprises in difficulty, and the concrete situations experienced by the nominees of Justice.
Newsletters: They appear the 2nd month of each quarter, and deal with news (see “recent information” of the IFPPC website).
Small Bankruptcy Dictionary: This is a small book that provides nearly 200 definitions on the terms used in amicable and judicial remedies for businesses in difficulty. It is published by “La Documentation française”, 240 pages, 8€. It is, or can be ordered, in any bookstore.
Special issues: They stick to the news and synthesise the contribution of such event organised by the IFPPC: Congress, Conferences on the safeguard of enterprises, the profession of nominees of Justice and the ISO 9001 procedure,...

In addition to its links with professional organisations, IFPPC maintains special relations with:
Caisse des Dépôts, with which it regularly organises various events aiming at perfecting information, quality, training, corporate social responsibility, prevention assistance to consular jurisdictions ... To do this, the Institute and Caisse des Dépôts have created a joint association, ASINCA, which steers these activities.
The Association of Corporate Counsel (ACE), with whom the Institute imagined and carried out a conference on 29th January 2006 - resumed on 30th January 2007 and continued on 28th January 2008 – with which a half-dozen of professional structures collaborate. Given the success of this event, both in terms of the quality of participants (Court of Cassation, Commercial Courts of Paris, law professors, AJ-MJ professionals and lawyers), and the number of participants (limited to 650), and on the repeated request of the Minister of Justice, IFPPC and ACE decided to perpetuate this event at the beginning of each year.
La Documentation française, publisher of official documents of the State, with which a collaboration for the edition of specialised works has been developed during the realisation of the “Small Bankruptcy Dictionary”.