Court-Appointed Administrator

Professional of the economy and finance, the Court-Appointed administrator is appointed by a Court decision to administer the property of others or to exercise functions of assistance or supervision in the management of these goods.

He is involved in safeguard and reorganisation proceedings where he is responsible for assisting the manager in finding solutions to solve the difficulties of his business and prepare for its reorganisation.

The court-appointed administrator intervenes so as to facilitate the continuation of the business activity. It establishes a complete diagnosis of the enterprise and makes every effort to try to save it and limit the number of redundancies.

He draws up and submits to the Court any solution aiming at safeguarding the enterprise and the maintenance of its activity within the framework of a continuation plan. He receives and analyses any takeover bids and submits them to the Court with a view to an assignment of the enterprise.

The court-appointed administrator also intervenes in a privileged way in the prevention of businesses in difficulty (conciliation, ad hoc Mandate).

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