Court-Appointed Liquidator

Appointed in every collective proceedings, it is entrusted by a Court decision to represent creditors, preserve the financial rights of employees and realise the assets of companies in liquidation proceedings for the benefit of creditors.

The court-appointed liquidator assists the head of the enterprise during the entire observation period.

He invites the creditors to lodge their claim and verifies the exact amount of the debts, therafter fixed by the supervising judge; he consults them on the settlement proposals issued by the enterprise or its director by giving his opinion.

He ensures the settlement of amounts due to employees and proceeds to dismissals in liquidation proceedings.

When the reorganisation of the enterprise appears impossible, the court-appointed liquidator acting as liquidator implements the global sale of the enterprise with its employees or the separate sale of its movable and immovable assets and covers the sums due by the customers.

It distributes the funds obtained between the creditors thus allowing their recycling in the economic circuit.