Nominees of Justice, as legal and economic professionals, put their skills at the service of the treatment of all enterprises in difficulty, the largest such as SMEs or VSEs.
They exercise their missions with loyalty and humanism and contribute to the rapid re-use of the human and economic resources on which they carry responsibility.
The nominees of Justice intervene within the framework of this law and they also carry out other useful missions to the benefit to the enterprises: counsel, provisional administration of companies, goodwill, sets of co-ownerships, joint ownerships of inheritance, of community, escrow arrangement, amicable liquidations, etc.


The oath of the court-appointed administrators and court-appointed liquidators 

Prior to performing their duties, all court-appointed administrators and court-appointed liquidators swear the following oath : 

« I swear to perform my duties with honour, dignity, independence
and probity and to comply in any event with the laws and regulations of my profession. »